Who We Are

Middlesex Dental Prosthetics was founded in 1984 by Jean-Jacques Poirier. Mr. Poirier was born and educated in Paris, France, receiving his certified degree in Dental Technology in 1971 and his Master's Degree in 1977, both accredited by "L'Academie de Paris".

Mr. Poirier moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1981, and continued his education in North America, receiving his Dental Technician certification in 1986 in Buffalo, New York. In 1987, Mr. Poirier was certified by the Branemark Implant System, now named Nobel Biocare, receiving this accreditation by the Northwestern University of Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Poirier has taken courses on different implant systems, including Nobel Biocare (certified), Straumann U.S.A., BioMet 3I, Zimmer Dental, Astra Tech, Dentsply, SPI System & Thommen Medical, to name a few.

Mr. Poirier has taken courses on Vita Porcelain: (Omega, Vitadur Alpha, Zirconia V M 9) and Pentron Porcelain: (OPC).

Mr. Poirier has been a member of the Dental Laboratory Association of Massachusetts (D.L.A.M.), and a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (N.A.D.L.). He volunteers his time and work to the Donated Dental Services Program (DDS), a humanitarian service for disabled, elderly, and medically-compromised people, and since 2006, has been honored by the Rhode Island Foundation of Dentistry.

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